Nirmala College for Women progresses for the Welfare and well-being of the Students through an eventual committee named Student Affairs Committee. Over the years this Committee has grown exponentially in terms of organizing varied events, camps, Programme like Orientation Programmes, Motivational Programmes, Socio-Economic Programmes, Charity, Health Care, Media works, Trips and Tours, Commemorative Days Celebrations and other engaging activities which have been a vital factor in the growth and quality of the Institution. This committee enhances the students to inculcate knowledge in varied skills through the programmes and competitions organized.

  • To form the student’s union of the college every year by conducting in a democratic way.

  • To conduct programs and events for the welfare of the students.

  • To prepare and implement the guidelines and code of conduct for the student community.

  • To enrich the holistic student experience on campus.

  • To address the issues of concern of the student community.

  • To celebrate and observe all the important days of the year.

  • To give special attention to the differently abled students.

To serve as a link between the students and the administration, Nirmala College for women has its distinguished Student's Union Committee assisting the students to perform in various divisions.The Student's Union coordinates and manages extracurricular and co-curricular activities under the capable supervision of Faculty Members and Student Union Members. These Members of the Students' Union are chosen by the Students of Nirmala College for Women after a smooth run of the campaign with an aim to aid all the possibilities of Student spectrums. The Student's Union's ultimate goal is to ensure and facilitate a good atmosphere by providing opportunities to exhibit their inherent talents, and also to promote an appropriate academic environment for studying.In addition, it encourages students to plan creative activities and to demonstrate their organizational and departmental skills, which develops their leadership skills and sense of social responsibility. The Student's Union continuously keeps an eye on the major collegiate activities that are organized by the institution.

Furthermore, it also manoeuvres the grievances faced by each individual student by acknowledging their complications and rectifying them by the distinguished Grievance and Redressal Committee.

Sr. Dr. Emelda Mary

Controller of Examinations

Dr. U. Mary

Dean of Student Affairs

Dr. M. Trinita Pricilla

Asst. Professor of Mathematics

Dr. A. Arockia Lancy

Asst. Professor of Mathematics

Mrs. R. Sangeetha

Asst. Professor of Tamil (SF)

Mrs. P. Avila Clemenshia

Asst. Professor in Computer Science

Mrs. J. Irene Tresa

Asst. Professor of English (SF)

Dr. P. Aarthi

Asst. Professor of English (SF)

Dr. S. Amala Divya

Asst. Professor of Botany (SF)

Ms. R. Tejasvi

Asst. Professor of English (SF)