Health Services - Mariam Dispensary

The College provides an in-house medical facility – “Mariam Dispensary” for students and staff. A professional medical practitioner is appointed at the Medical Centre which offers primary health care for common ailments and first aid in the case of emergency. The Centre is well stocked with generic medicines, basic medical devices like sphygmomanometer (Blood Pressure monitoring apparatus), pulse oximeter etc. The Centre is furnished with first aid medicines to be of service to the physically unwell students. In the case of emergencies, the students are immediately transported to the nearby hospital through the College vehicle.

The College conducts regular medical check-ups in collaboration with hospitals that extend eye care, dental care, wellness camps and blood donation camps. The Medical Centre assures proper medical care to the students, easing the parents’ anxiety at work. The fast and easy access to the medical centre reduces the chances of students taking leave and thereby increases the productivity of the College.