“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the home of the Lord forever”- Psalm 23:6

Nirmala College for Women started in the year 1948. Since then it is efficiently managed by the Society of the Franciscan Sisters of the Presentation of Mary (FSPM). This prestigious institution built and maintained by the dedication of the sisters, rooted in the vision and mission of the Founder Servant of God Joseph Louis Ravel, MEP and upheld by the ideal of the Presentation management, fosters a zest for academic excellence, moral rectitude and spiritual well being.

Nirmala College Hostel had its beginning from the time the college started functioning. Today Nirmala Hostel, a close-knit family of more than 500 students from various states of India and abroad is an extended home which focuses on the intellectual, physical, psychological and spiritual growth of its members. Strict discipline combined with loving care creates an ideal atmosphere for serious studies. Inmates are encouraged to make the optimum use of the best available resources and facilities for their all-round development.

  • The aim of the Hostel is to facilitate students from far-off places to pursue their education.
  • The Hostel management makes sincere efforts to provide the girls with the comforts of home and inculcate discipline and moral values.
  • An Ambience in which students will imbibe integrity, justice, truth, fraternity and peace is ensured
  • Only after admission to the college, a student is eligible to seek admission into the hostel. The cost of application is Rs.100/-
  • The following are to be submitted at the time of admission to the hostel.
    • Recently taken two passport size photos
    • Conduct certificate from the parish priest, if the applicant is Catholic.
  • At the time of the interview by the warden, preceding the admission to the hostel, the parent of the student is required to be present.
  • The membership of the hostel is for one year, and it ends with the academic year at the College. No student may leave the hostel in the course of the year, without the approval of the principal and the warden.
  • During the time of admission, the Hostel fee for the whole year has to be paid. Fees must be paid online through the website www.nirmalacollegeonline.ac.in and fees once paid will not be refunded on any account. Mess fee must be paid (by the divided system) on or before the 10th of every month, failing which, a fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be levied.
  • Students have to follow the rules and regulations of the Hostel. In case of any violation, they can be suspended or dismissed from the Hostel.
  • Any student, who wishes to leave the Hostel during the year, must produce an official letter from her parents and HOD.
  • The hosteller’s outgoing pass has to be produced to the security guard at the gate, when they leave the Hostel.
  • Every hosteller can claim two visitor’s cards, one for her parents and the other for the local guardians. These cards will have their photographs (Parents, local guardian), along with the address and signature of the parents and local guardian.
  • Visitors have to bring their visitor’s card, when they come to the hostel to meet their wards.
Role of Parents and guardians
  • Parents and guardians should realize that their wholehearted cooperation with the Hostel administration would ensure the total well-being and protection of their wards.
  • Parents, who do not live in Coimbatore, need to choose a local guardian, a trustworthy and concerned person, who will take care of their ward and help her in every way.
  • Permission letter from parents or local guardians is obligatory for going home(during working hours)study tour and overnight stay outside the Hostel. This letter should be submitted on the previous day of leaving the Hostel.
  • In case of serious illness, it is the responsibility of the parents or the local guardian to do whatever is required for the medical treatment.
  • During the working days of the college, parents and guardians can meet the warden only after 3.00pm.
Mess Timings
  • Breakfast : 7.25 am-8.00 am
  • Lunch : 12.15 pm – 12.50 pm
  • Dinner : 7.25 pm – 8.00 pm
    • The Hostel provides both vegetarian & non-vegetarian meals.
    • Food served is on an unlimited basis except for some specified items.
    • If a group of students is going to be absent for any meal, information should be given to the warden on the previous day.
    • Strictly Students are not allowed to take food to their rooms, however a provision will be granted for medical conditions.
    • Suggestions, difficulties and complaints etc., may be communicated to the Warden.
    • During Christmas and summer vacations, Hostel as well as Mess will be closed for certain number of days, to have the repair and maintenance works done, as well as a few days of holidays for the kitchen and other staff members.
    • No deduction will be made in the mess bill for any absence
  • The hostellers are permitted to visit their home on the II and IV weekend holidays, else their parents or local guardian could visit them in the hostel from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm
  • The hostellers who go for the 2nd and 4th-weekend holidays must return to the Hostel before 6.00 pm. Any students returning after the specified time will be fined.
  • On home visits, if a student cannot return to the hostel at the specified time, the parents are obligated to intimate the warden.
  • If a student is going to be absent from the College for any valid reason, she has to get written permission from the concerned department and submit it to the warden.
  • The hosteller has to be present in their respective room during the daily night attendance call.
  • For only valid reasons the hosteller will be permitted to go home with the parents or guardians during the working hours of the College. Phone messages will not be accepted.
  • No hosteller should be absent from the class without the permission of the warden.
  • Day scholar/Parent/Guardian is not allowed into the Hostel Ragging: Ragging is a criminal offence strictly forbidden by law. Those who indulge in ragging will be summarily dismissed.
Dress code

Hostellers are expected

  • To dress modestly and appropriately.
  • To wear casuals like ‘ nighties’ only within the hostel premises.
  • To be respectfully dressed while receiving visitors.
  • Leggings and Jeans are prohibited as part of the dress code.
  • Students are solely responsible for all their belongings. Therefore keep all your belongings always safe and secure. Any loss should be reported to the warden immediately.
  • No notice, or pamphlets should be displayed or no meeting should be convened without explicit permission from the Hostel administration.
  • Students are encouraged to converse in English.
  • The bathing rooms are kept open at the following times. 5.15 am - 8.30 am 4.00 pm – 5.30 pm
  • When the students vacate the Hostel during summer vacation, all the belongings should be removed and the keys should be handed over to the hostel staff.
  • Remember that your Catholic identity has played a great role in securing a seat in this Catholic institution. So it is your duty to safeguard and deepen your Catholic identity.
  • Catholic students must attend the annual retreat arranged by the institution and are expected to attend Daily Mass and other spiritual activities (Rosary, Reconciliation).
  • Any student failing to attend the Holy Mass(6.15 am) and the Rosary(5.20 pm) will be fined

Resident students are expected to live in harmonious and cordial relationships with deep respect and consideration for others. Make use of the facilities available at the Hostel to fulfil your own goals and dreams, the aspirations and expectations of your parents and Nirmala management. The Nirmala Nest will cherish to nurture and further the growth of well-behaved and responsible students, who shine in the academics, extra-curricular activities, sports and games.