Nirmala College for Women has introduced Outcome Based Education (OBE) since 2019 in all its UG and PG programmes. In order to cater to the changing world scenario in terms of employability, acquisition of skills and upgrading oneself with the latest knowledge base in every field, OBE contributes towards students’ performance and skill development in being successful and enterprising in their personal and professional life.

Outcome Based Education, being learners-centric, has a Vision, Mission, Programme Education Objectives (PEO), Programme Outcomes (PO) and Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO) for every programme. OBE designs curriculum and syllabi based on the outcomes anticipated from a programme.

Mapping of PEOs with the Mission Statement helps to ascertain the attainment of the Mission of the programme and relating PEOs with POs and PSOs will enable to know if the objectives framed are in alignment with the outcomes. Course Outcomes for every course are being formulated and mapped with POs and PSOs. Accordingly, teaching-learning and evaluation take place based on the outcomes.

The main components of CIA are designed by the teaching faculty based on the nature and need of the paper so as to inculcate the skills needed for the respective course in realising the designated outcomes. Besides theory courses, outcomes are framed for the practical courses too.

Course attainment is ascertained for each individual unit of the course on completion of the course and corrective action in terms of changes in the course content, teaching methodology or evaluation pattern is taken according to the requirement. Internship, field trips, projects, etc. are few components which directly contribute to the OBE. At the end of such an OBE system of curriculum design, teaching strategies and evaluation pattern, a student can leave confidently well-equipped with desirable and efficient life skills.

Student Performance and Learning Outcomes

Programme Outcomes and Course Outcomes for all Programmes offered by the institution are stated and displayed on the website and communicated to teachers and students

Current Syllabus

UG Syllabus
PG Syllabus