Go Green Committee

Going green helps the environment by reducing the amount of pollution that enters the soil, water and air. By using alternative energy sources and avoiding the burning of fossil fuels, recycling and reducing waste and driving more efficiently, fewer pollutants are released into the environment. A green initiative helps us to understand the interdisciplinary nature, and applications, of environmental science. And it also promotes water conservation and maintains biodiversity by pursuing the values of green thinking and social responsibility. The Conservation of water, energy and resources are properly maintained by purchasing environment friendly products. And the green environments also protects and restore local air, water, soils etc.. And thus green technology is important to protect and preserve our green environment.


The campus is

  • Pollution free
  • Plastic free & Eco-friendly

Go Green Committee

The Go green committee was started in the academic year 2019 at the behest of the Principal, Rev.Sr.Dr.Helen. The ‘Go Green’ committee Strives to sensitize the students towards environmental Consciousness and to create environment friendly individual. The Committee takes concrete efforts towards environment conservation and sustainability, within the campus.

To frame and implement measures with in the campus to make its Eco-friendly.

  • To frame and implement measures with in the campus to make its Eco-friendly.
  • To educate the students to understand an individual’s responsibility to save environment

  • To motivate the students to keep the environment and campus clean.
  • To educate students to create awareness among the public.
  • To protect and conserve ecological systems and resources within the campus.
  • To make the campus plastic free.

The Go-Green committee has a vital role in monitoring the eco-friendly initiations within the campus. The committee takes charge of:

  • ‘Clean Campus’
  • ‘Green Audit’
  • ‘Disposal of hazardous E-waste’
  • ‘Green Environment’
  • ‘Solid Waste Management’
  • ‘Liquid Waste Management’
  • ‘Soil Management’
  • ‘Water Conservation and Management’

The Go Green committee regularly practices the following within the campus:

  • To encourage and train the students to cultivate the habit of growing their own plants at their home.
  • Paperless operating procedure/ avoiding unwanted use of papers inside the campus.
  • Restricted Use of Automobiles inside the campus.
  • Motivation towards the use of Bicycles/Battery powered Vehicles.
  • Awareness to use Pedestrian Friendly Pathways.
  • Ban on Single-use Plastics with in the Campus
  • Creating and managing environmental protection display boards within the College Campus
  • Cleanliness in and around the campus and waste minimization
  • Water conservation and management including waste water management and reuse, rain water harvesting, etc
  • Environment-friendly activities practiced within the campus
  • Greenery within the campus to provide pollution free air and carbon-sink
  • Preventing the use of plastics
  • Eco Friendly Notebooks
  • Recycled and Biodegradable pens

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