Nirmala College for Women admits the female students for all the UG and PG programmes and during the past few years, there are male students being admitted for part time and full time research programmes offered by various departments on account of the demand. At the same time there are also few male persons employed at the non teaching level and technical support, in the institution. The committee ensures that a healthy learning environment is provided for the students and to avoid even the remote chance of sexual harassment either in words, actions or behaviour in the campus.


To admit male candidates less than 10% of the sanctioned strength of the programme during an academic year

To appoint male persons for any job role in the campus only on the non-availability of the female candidates

To take the necessary immediate action on any misconduct or misbehaviour to any student of any sort

  • Admission policy will be strictly adhered to
  • Conduct certificate from the previous head of the institution or the previous employer will be received at the time of interview for the programme
  • Business hours and places of movement in the campus will be clearly given to them
  • To well inform them their role, terms and conditions of employment
  • On receipt of any complaint from the students as to the misconduct /misbehaviour in words, actions or any other sort, will be produced before the committee in-charge of sexual harassment and necessary action will be taken
  • To restrict entry of persons without appointment/authorization inside the campus
  • Installation of CCTV Cameras for monitoring the movement of People within the campus
  • Complaint box is placed in the Student lobby
  • The Complaints will be redressed immediately and action will be taken swiftly.

Happy, healthy and safe learning environment for the Women Employees and Students.