The journey of hundred miles begins with a single step that single step was taken by Rev. Sr. Annammal on 4th January 2002. She took up this social service after seeing her student Mrs. Rajalakshmi as a AIDS patient in the Government medical college hospital to give counseling. From 10th January 2022 Rev. Sr. Annammal then constantly extended her supporting hands to the patients by boosting them with self-confidence to overcome from their problems and to have positive attitude to fight their problems. Dr. Mahadevan (V.D Department, CMCH) accepted to conduct regular free medical camp on 1st Sunday of every month for economically backward people. The Social Service Wing of Nirmala College for Women accepted “Sneha Positive faces” as one of the outreach Programmes from February 2022 under the leadership of Rev. Mother Daria, Former Secretary, Nirmala college for Women.

Under Sneha positive faces, programs like Motivational and Counseling was conducted regularly for the patients to overcome the Inferiority Complex and to build self Confidence among the patients. It also lends a helping hand to support the education of HIV positive children and the children of HIV affected parents. Free Uniforms, Books and Stationeries are distributed during the beginning of the every academic year to the children.

Medicines are the life line for the survival and sustenance of the aids patients. The patients are regularly weighed, checked for ailments and provided with the required injections, supplementaries and medicines monthly.

During the camp on 1st Sunday of every month the patients are provided with Breakfast, Soya Vadam, Provita and lunch.

Celebrations are a source of joy and happiness to all. Hence Diwali and Christmas are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Contributions were collected from Teaching, Non-teaching, Students fraternity and philanthropists. Dress Materials like Sarees, Shirts, Chudidhar materials and Kids cloths are distributed for the patients and the family members. Happiness were shared among the patients by distributing Sweets, Special lunch and gifts are provided to bring joyfulness in their life.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love” - Mother Teresa